Multistatic Beamforming Data

Data for the paper:

Counts, T., Cafer, A.J., Scott, W.R., Jr., McClellan, J.H., and Kim, K, Multistatic ground-penetrating radar experiments, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol. 45, No. 8, August 2007.

Photograph of the experimental setup

Data Files:

Setup.doc: Word file showing setup for the experiments.

Air targets:

air_1inSphere.mat:      1 diameter metal sphere
air_11cmSphere.mat: 11 cm diameter metal sphere
air_GT.mat:                 wooden GT shaped plywood sign
air_TS50.mat:                         TS-50 anti-personnel mine
air_VS16.mat:             VS-1.6 anti-tank mine

Subsurface targets:

Nothing_clean.mat:     No targets in sandbox
Nothing_rock.mat:       same, except river rocks on surface
Room_clean.mat:        Plexiglass box
Room_rock.mat:          same, except river rocks on surface
Mine_clean.mat:          Assortment of landmine targets
Mine_rock.mat:           same, except river rocks on surface
Sphere_clean.mat:       Assortment of metal spheres
Sphere_rock.mat:        same, except river rocks on surface
Tunnel_clean.mat:       4” diameter corrugated pipe

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