Display Panel

Display Panel

The Display Panel

Time and Distance :

  • The normalized time
    is defined as t/tau where “tau” is the time required for the wave to go
    from source to load: tau=L/v where v is the velocity of the wave on the
    transmission line.

  • The normalized distance
    is defined as x/L, where L is the actual length of the transmission line.


Reflection coefficients :

    The reflection coefficient
at the source and load end of the transmission line are displayed. 
These values are refreshed when the animation is stopped, either by
clicking in
the bounce diagram or clicking
on the “pause” button.

Animation speed control :

    This feature has been added
to the applet in order for the user to adjust the execution of the program
to the browser and the computer. The default value is set for a Pentium
233 Mhz with 64 Mg of Ram, using both Netscape Communicator 4.03, and Internet
Explorer 4.0. (You must restart the animation to effectively set up a new
speed value).

    It is recommended to not execute
other program in the background to obtain a perfect graphic behavior.


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