Online help page

Online help page

General informations

about this applet

This java applet simulates electromagnetic transmission lines.

All you have to do to use it is to input the parameters of the line you want to simulate and click on the PLAY button located on the upper left hand corner.

The simulation will run in the middle panel.

Here is a global view of the applet:

It is divided in 3 panels: the on on top contains the commands, the one in the middle displays the simulation, and the one at the bottom
allows a visualization of the circuit, with the source, the lines, the networks and the load.

Let’s look at the first panel, it contains:

– The start and stop buttons to start and stop the simulation

– The scale command that allows the user to increase or decrease the vertical scale of the central panel

– The speed scrollbar that controls the execution speed of the simulation

– The Edit button to quit the applet or to have a list of the line parameters

– The Info button to get some informations about the applet

– The Library button that enables the user to use predefined circuits